Craigslist: A Series

So, this is my little segment where I find a funny interesting REAL Craigslist posting and display it for you to smile, laugh, cry or "aww' at. This one won this week - enjoy!


Fooled around at church on New Year's Eve - m4w
Date: 2009-01-02, 1:55PM PST

You: Very, very, very Drunk.
Me: Very, very, very drunk.

Here's what I remember: We shared a romantic moment on the dance floor. The kind of moment dreams and flowers and bunnies are made of.


We were fooling around like a couple of teenagers in the back room.


We somehow ended up in a private room behind the DJ booth and things heated up to a more adult level.


We realized the room was not so private due to the group of people watching us and possibly taking pictures and video with camera phones.


Alone. With your panties in my pocket. I think you took my hat. Good trade.


Wearing panties on my head, looking for you. For some reason couldn't find you...

Sorry about all the debauchery. I'm not normally so fun. It was New Year's Eve, though and if it makes you feel better, I'm still feeling the hangover. Sigh.

Drop me a line if you wanna actually go out sometime and get to know each other like regular people. I'm actually a pretty nice guy once you take the panties off my head. If not, then thanks for a wild New Year's Eve. I've never had so much fun at church.

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