The Real World: Brooklyn Premiere


Although has already dubbed "The Real World: Brooklyn" the "gayest Real World ... ever", I couldn't help but write my own review, despite wanting to say very similar things. So, going from left to right using the picture above, I"ll give a brief summary of what I think about each character (and there are eight this season, which seemed to be a much bigger deal to everyone on the show than anyone watching it, so ... ):


She seems like the perfect mixture of sugar and spice - not overly sweet, not overly bitchy. Seems like a good addition to the cast (especially since she is a little thicker, and one of two ETHNIC minorities this season.) They didn't give her too much camera time, though, so I'm interested in finding out more about her throughout the season. Chet, in the inane after-show, said something about her having chest hair, but that remains to be seen.


According to certain sources, this is one of Anderson Cooper's ex's, and although wishful thinking (mostly, on my part) want this to be true, I'll just stick to the episode to really judge. A cetacean trainer, JD seems like a good enough guy with a troubled past. He creates a calm and mature atmosphere which is checked by an almost arrogant, judgmental attitude towards other people. In one scene in the trailer he blows up at Sarah (see below), so it'll be interesting to see how his temper reflects how calm and mature he REALLY is.


So far, I like Sarah. She's from San Francisco, so major prop points there. She also seems genuinely interested in people's stories and getting to know her roommates, which is also really cool. The one thing I do have a slight problem with is the fact that Sarah dated women exclusively until she met her present boyfriend, who she said was "the one." I don't know many lesbians who suddenly decide to switch over to men, and I feel like she kind of gives lesbians a bad name. However, she did not disclose how many lesbian relationships she had, or even if she really considered herself a lesbian, so I suppose I can let it slide ... for now!


One of the more intriguing characters on the cast, Katelyn is the first transsexual cast-member of the Real World series. It took twenty-one seasons, but I guess later is better than never. Apparently, she went onto the show only three weeks after "the operation," which is impressive, especially considering she waltzes around in pink booty shorts for a good portion of the premiere episode. I say: more power to her, and I commend her for being brave enough to be the first transsexual face for many people.


Scott made such a huge impression on me, I had to look up his name on Not a good sign. He was on the cover of Men's Health. Got some award for having the best abs on the east coast. Blah blah. Boring.


Another one of my least favorites. I found myself thinking about Jack-o-Lanterns every time she smiled because of her horrific teeth. Lets not forget: I am the founding member of "1,000,000 Strong Against Michael Phelps' Teeth." Baya seems sweet enough, though - and she's apparently an aspiring hip-hop dancer, which is pretty cool. And she's about one inch from being considered a "little person." Anyway. Boring.


The token Mormon of the season, I think said it best when they said that Chet comes across as a "twink bottom on the way to Boysroom." In the premiere, he says that one of his goals is to have "the most original outfit," yet he wears American Apparel and customizes his clothing by sewing on pink embellishments. Not that original. I think he'll definitely learn a lot from his roommates, and, maybe, by living in Brooklyn, will learn to be a little more original in his dress. After all, linen scarves are so 2007.


Probably my favorite cast-mate this season, Ryan is not only an Iraq veteran, but an artist. He sings very well, plays the guitar even better, and has written a biology textbook-sized epic novel about his experiences in the war. He seems like one of the most dynamic and complicated characters not only on the season but of all Real World history, and I look forward to seeing him in future episodes. He pissed me off several times by trying to "figure people out" immediately, AKA trying to figure out if they were straight or gay (or trannies), but I feel as though he has lots of potential to grow and become truly extraordinary.

So that's my review! Check it out, looks like it'll be a good season after all.


Anonymous said...

Great summary Julian! I've vowed to stop watching so much reality TV thus I don't follow any of the VH1 "Rock of Loves" "I Love New Yorks" or any of the spinoffs that have since been created. But I confess... I LOVE RW/RR challenges (even tho RR hasn't been on in forever) and I feel like I need to continue to watch the RW in order to recognize the people on the challenges. This cast is definitely the most "real" it's been in a long time. Yay, can't wait for more recaps!

Julian, the Desaparecido said...

Thanks so much! I definitely love the Real World/Road Rules challenges - the next one up, I think, is the Duel 2. That was the reason why I watched the seasons of the Real World, too, but I was particularly intrigued by this season because of the transsexual. If they ever do Battle of the Sexes III, they most def. better put Katelyn on the girls' team!

PS: Do I know you?

Anonymous said...

yes you know me... it's Ali! We shared some pretty hot steamy shifts at the Heights before I quit. big fan of your blog, except when i get caught looking at your NSFW hotties of the week (has yet to happen, but i'm just sayin')

Julian, the Desaparecido said...

Haha, I'm glad you enjoy my blog! I miss you ! We MUST go get drinks or whatever sometime soon, like we've been planning!