I am having a personal crisis

When I was younger, I was convinced that I would grow up to be a great 21st century writer - someone like Wilde, or Woolf, or Whitman. These days, though, I'm learning that I am not so lucky, and settling into my life as an average, considerably boring human being. I'm not even an adequate Stephan Glass, posting lyrics to Bright Eyes without giving proper credit to Conor Oberst.

I am a tirelessly long list of things that would seem interesting, but aren't. For example, I am Mexican and Lebanese - two tortured peoples who found each other one night and created the line to who's branches I belong. Although this may seem like an exciting, exotic mix (as so many non-ethnic potential loves have described it), it's not as unusual as it would initially seem. After all, Salma Hayek's blood contains the same mix, yet she is well-known, well-received, and for the most part, mainstream.

I am also gay, which would seem novel if it was not the new cool on MTV and Vh1, and if I had not been raised in San Francisco. These days, my family are good with it, and my mom wants to bring it up conversationally every time she gets rainbow colored thoughts. My sister is immersed in my gay life, frequently sandwiched on the couch between my boyfriend Rob and I on one side, our gay roomate Kevin on the other.

So what's special about me?

Oh, you'll see. Read more!