I Love Money 3: Episode 3

After the previous challenge, everyone celebrates. No one is really going to miss Cheezy. Ashley points out that she has forged an alliance with Angelique, and that they will whatever they can to keep each other's names out of the box. Spoiler alert! One of them winds up in the box.

The next day, the challenge is a kissing challenge - just like the first two seasons. However, this time, they are hung upside down over water, and must kiss their partner for as long as they can, until one taps out. Team captains are chosen - Mr. Wise for the green team, and Bootz for the gold team.

Photobucket Photobucket

The gold team is disproportionate and must sit one guy out - Angelique, Ashley, Bootz, Chardonnay, Tiffany, and Mamasita represent the girls, and Chi Chi and The Punisher representing guys. Angelique and Ashley quickly pair up, as neither wants to get stuck with Tiffany. Bootz and Chi Chi pair up, as well as The Punisher and Chardonnay. Mamasita is stuck with Tiffany, who she says she does not want to kiss.

The green team is better matched, with Annie kissing Pretty, Bubbles kissing Mr. Wise, Punk kissing Marcia, Flipper kissing Red Oyster, and Fox kissing Pumkin. Almost immediately, Fox and Pumkin fall off, as well as Mamasita and Tiffany.

Order of elimination:

Fox and Pumkin
Mamasita and Tiffany
Bootz and Chi Chi
Annie and Pretty
Flipper and Red Oyster
Bubbles and Mr. Wise
Chardonnay and The Punisher

It comes down to Angelique and Ashley against Marcia and Punk. Finally, Ashley gives in and falls. Marcia and Punk win. Marcia says it feels good to beat Ashley.

In the vault, the gold team must decide who they want to eliminate. Knowing Mr. Wise is team captain, Chi Chi and Joe say its a no brainer that no guys should go in. They decide to do what's fairest - throw in the girls who lost the challenge. Namely, Mamasita, Bootz, and Ashley. Ashley is thrown back, saying that Tiffany should go in, since she lost first on their team with Mamasita. She begins to see that there is a secret alliance going on, and is outnumbered. She is outraged, and decides that, being betrayed by her team, she's going to go rogue.

Up for elimination:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Mr. Wise gives Ashley her check first, much to the disappointment of the girls on his team. They say that she is a strong competitor, and should be taken out. He gives the second check to Bootz, again angering his team. Mamasita is out. Mr. Wise says he believes in honest competition, and that the weak should be weeded out - somehow hoping that this will be remembered when he is on the chopping block, as he is a strong competitor. He also hopes that getting rid of Mamasita will weaken the Punisher, his biggest competition.


Mamasita's out. Read more!

Where Wookies Come From

Found this online and loved it. It combines two things that get me real geeky real fast: Star Wars and Super Mario Bros.

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WTF Was That About Update

I woke up last night at around 3am shaking and shivering uncontrollably. Its been +85 degrees with nearly 100% humidity for a couple of months now, so to wake up so cold was a shock. I had my window unit at "toda greƱa" (as my mom would say), and walked out into the hall to go to the bathroom where it was stifling hot, so I'm not sure that it was any colder in my room than normal. In any case, when I went back to my room, I piled on some clothes and hopped under the covers. It took another twenty minutes of shaking and shivering to get up and turn the window unit off.

I was up for about an hour, just tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. Maybe it was because I've had so much on my mind lately. I'm not so sure.

Davida is moving in on Tuesday, and Dana, the new roommate I've chosen, will be stopping by to drop off her rent check. Its exciting but its also nerve wracking, because I've met both once, and they've never met each other. Plus, I may have already unintentionally started some beef between them by inviting Dana to stay even though I know she doesn't like cats. Oh well. We'll see how things pan out.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty uneventful. More to come this week, as tonight, I see Tears for Fears, tomorrow, I get the new roomies, and on Wednesday, I may be getting yet another new tattoo. We'll see. Read more!

Happy HUMP Day!

Just a little something to get you through...

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Finally Hit That Wall Update

Yesterday was a total freakshow disaster. Where to even start?

The entire day, I was really excited to see Lance. On Monday, we discussed getting together, as it was his only night off. I asked him to recommend a place, and he said Founding Farmers, which is on the other side of town of where we both live. I said okay. I told him I would drive. Plans set.

Around five, after work, I texted and called Lance to see where he was. Nothing. He finally calls me a half hour later to tell me that he's in southeast at a pool (he probably meant Beaumont's in southwest, but whatever) and that he'll call when he's ready. I ask him about what time that would be, and he proceeds to ramble on about how it'll be later - around 8:30 or 9. This immediately kind of ticks me off, because I know he has a staff meeting at the Heights at 10:30, so that only gives us a couple of hours to get to a restaurant across town, eat, and get back. He also says that he invited Ryan and Reisa, his roommate and his roommate's girlfriend, so maybe we should go somewhere closer so I wouldn't have to drive. Again, agitated.

I tell him that I thought it was just going to be the two of us, and he proceeds to tell me that he hasn't seen them in a really long time. Let me remind you that he just got back last week from a two week road trip with the two of them. And he lives with Ryan. I feel hurt at this point, since he has not only completely disregarded our plans (which he simply says "was just a suggestion, not an actual plan"), but he also seems to not want to get to know me better. He ends this lovely telephone conversation by saying it can just be the two of us, but he and Ryan have to have a meeting with Gladys, his landlord who lives upstairs, around 8.

Peeved and exhausted at this point, I tell him fine, and to call me when he's ready. He says he'll give me a one-hour heads up. I lay back and fall asleep until 7:30.

I get up and wait around until about 8:15 to get ready. Finally, I pull myself together. Lance proceeds to text me. And I quote:

Lance: Gladys made dinner for our meeting!
Does this mean I should get dinner?
Ahh, yeah don't go hungry.

I'm fuming. I respond:

Me: I'm already hungry I've been waiting on you to have dinner.

I'm pretty sure he understands how angry I am at this point, because he does not respond to my text. I finally head out to Meridian Pint and have dinner by myself at the bar, texting this fact to Amaya, who, bless her big heart, came almost immediately and sat with me. I nearly cried.

We went over to Commonwealth afterwards and I was able to talk it out with Amaya and laugh, but am still fuming because Lance has not texted or called me. Finally, 10:30 rolls around - Lance is at his meeting at the Heights. Thinking we're clear to grab a nightcap at Wonderland before they all get out of their meeting, Amaya and I head over around 11:15 only to run into Lance and the rest of the Heights crew.

Amaya and I sit at one end of the bar and Amaya finally tells me to talk to Lance. I go over and ask for a few minutes of his time, and we sit at a booth and talk. It ends with me practically screaming at Lance about how I'm not crazy, I just want to know how he feels about how things are going. He says that he never realized I was so unhappy, that he thought things were going great, and he's not punishing me for our falling out a month ago. He says that we are still getting to know each other and he's certainly not sure anymore that he knows anything about me. I tell him he never gives us a chance to get to know each other. I tell him I care about him so much, and that there is no one else, and that I make it very clear that I am into him, whereas he does not reciprocate. He does not know what to say to this. He says that maybe we just show affection in different ways. Finally, I put him on the spot and tell him to show me, in any way he can, that he gives a damn.

He can't.

We sit there in silence, looking at each other for a bit, not knowing what to say. I told him that before this disaster of a night happened, I was going to ask him to be my boyfriend. That's why I wanted us to be alone. He looked genuinely surprised, but still didn't say anything. I asked him if it was the end, then, and he couldn't answer that question, either. We left things at that. I had to leave shortly thereafter to save whatever shreds of dignity I had left after completely losing my cool at Wonderland in front of a bunch of our mutual friends (including Brett, Sheena, Stephanie and Cannon).

Its over on this end. If he wants to continue, then he's going to have to be the one to initiate it. Read more!

I Love Money 4 Trailer

And to follow up my last post concerning the "unaired" I Love Money 3 ... I Love Money 4 trailer! Whee!

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I Love Money 3: Episode 2

So the show starts with Tiffany saying she's going to prove everyone wrong and win this challenge. She also wants to step up as team captain for the gold team.

The gold team decides to allow Tiffany to be captain, as she will void the check of whoever they all decide as she needs to keep her reputation good with the team, or she will be up for elimination if they lose. For the green team, they all decide that Cheezy will be team captain.

Photobucket Photobucket

The challenge is extremely physical - it requires the team to play together in a basketball-like competition in which there are 15 baskets around at different points of the court, signifying the 15 different "of love" reality shows there have been: Flavor of Love (3), Rock of Love (3), Real Chance of Love (2), For the Love of Ray J (2), I Love New York (2), Daisy of Love (1), Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair (1) and Megan Wants a Millionaire (1). The contestants are given trivia questions, and have to put the basketball into the appropriate show's basket.

The green team is aggressive and cheats mostly, but still manage to lose. Tiffany is proud of her team's victory.

In the vault, the green team has to choose three people up for elimination. Cheezy, knowing that his team will throw him into the box regardless of what happens, volunteers for the box, hoping it will make him look good to the rest of his team. Annie and Bubbles are put into the box as well, outnumbered, despite both having been assets on their teams. Bubbles cries.

The gold team is told their choices for elimination: Annie, Bubbles, and Cheezy.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Tiffany asks her team who they think they should eliminate, and although there is a compelling argument to get rid of Annie because she scored the most baskets, Tiffany and Annie have begun to bond and Tiffany feels conflicted. There is also a motion by the girls on the team to get rid of Cheezy, as he is stronger than most of them.

At the elimination ceremony, Tiffany gives the first check to Bubbles, as she says that she's the least threatening person on the line, and she feels like Bubbles weakens the team more than anything else.

Between Annie and Cheezy, Tiffany says that she thinks she would have trouble going against Annie, and it looks like she's about to void Annie's check. She calls her up and Annie starts to cry. Tiffany hands Annie her check. Cheezy is out.


Tune in next week! Read more!

Hitting a Wall Update

I think I am falling in love with Lance.

Ever since getting back from San Francisco, my feelings for him have only multiplied. Its really scary. I haven't felt this way about someone in a long time.

What makes it more of a challenge than a plus is that he's not very emotional or demonstrative, and it makes me worry that he may not be feeling the same way towards me. I don't like feeling possessive and crazy, either, which is exactly how feeling this way makes me act. Maybe a little obsessive, too.

Like I said, its been a while. I like to keep a window open to jump out of when it starts to get this intense, but I fear that I've finally closed that window - or like its going to be one of those windows you have to shimmy your way out of, like on an airplane. Tomorrow night we have dinner plans and I feel like its the perfect opportunity to actually come clean about how I feel, but I also realize that its not cute to put all your feelings on the table.

I just need to know whether or not he feels the same way towards me. Its getting make or break right now, and I can't go on not knowing whether he likes me or not. Its so easy to fall into a situation where you're afraid to talk about feelings and things, and I don't want to get there with him. Its been a long time since I've cared about someone to this magnitude. It's been a long time since its felt like my heart was actually at stake. I didn't even risk my heart with Rob. I broke up with Rob to prevent something like this from happening.

Just like I may end things with Lance tomorrow for the same reason. Read more!

Which Dolores Park are you?

Loved this:


Which Dolores Park Are You?

I have observed that Dolores Park is segmented into several distinct and (sub) culturally consistent sections.

A. Hipster Valley
The Northeast corner of the Park (Dolores and 17th) is the realm of the Hipster. I suspect this is because while they can manage the walk from Valencia to Dolores they are too hung-over to make it up the hill.
Do bring: Bike, Enormous Sunglasses, Skinny jeans that show your butt crack when you sit down, Wear black and more black something army-looking works too, Ipods, beer and small speakers are encouraged.
Tips: Sit directly on grass + look bored.
Suggested canine companion: Chihuahuas, mixed breed rescues, and friendly beer drinking pit bulls in bandanas

B. Jocks, Bros and Hos
Weekend warriors, dodge ball players, soccer fans, etc…
Do bring: Spandex, knee pads and some sort of ball to chase around.
Tips: be excessively perky and organized.
Suggested Canine Companion: Golden retriever

C. Latin American Club
The locals. Watching the scene and laughing.
Do Bring: Beer, your homies, your dog

D. The bathrooms
I have only had the pleasure once, but I heard nothing good happens in this place.
Do bring: protection, toilet paper (wet naps if you are tender), a sense of balance and humor

E. Gay cruising + Sunbathing section
Bring: a towel, multi-purpose oils, a thong.
Leave at home: your boyfriend or life partner
Suggested Canine Companion: Pug, French Bulldog

F. Kids and picnickers
bring: diapers, sporks + wet naps
Suggested Canine Companion: none, the kids are enough trouble

G. Geek Section
This seems to be the spot where the digirati can be found
Bring: Food to share, sunscreen, your laptop with VZAccess PCMCIA Card because the free wireless signals are crap and your best portable devices to show off.

H. Hipster overflow and family outing section

I. Scary drunks and Hobo section
Bring: Bags full of bottles for recycling, Old English or Night Train and your invisible friend.

My favorite part of the park is part E. But this was waaay before I was a hipster, or gay. Promise.

Credit due here. Read more!

Featured Blog: Accidental Dong

So, I've decided to feature favorite blogs every now and then, since I have so many in my bookmarks folder. The first one featured is run by someone with a dirty mind. Its called "Accidental Dong" and it appeals to any of us who feel slightly guilty when we see something that maybe others don't.

Check out some samples here, but click the link below and follow and become a fan, like I am!





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Happy HUMP Day!

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Amazing X-Men Print

You can get it as a t-shirt, a hoodie, or poster. I want one of each.


So, I can figure out (from the top, then clockwise): Cyclops, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, (can't figure out the panther - Rogue, perhaps?), Wolverine, Professor X, Iceman, Beast, and Jean Grey/the Phoenix.

To check it out on threadless.com, or to buy yours, click here. Read more!

Tuesday Happy Hour Update

Last night was pretty ridiculous and fun. Amaya and I have been meeting every Tuesday at Commonwealth for happy hour, since it goes all night and we usually get a fat 50 percent discount on our food because we used to work there. Last week, it turned into a total freak show as Dark Lindsey started stealing food from the kitchen, Amaya said something snarky to Ben, and people started splitting the check a bunch of different ways. Olivia also left very little cash to pay for her food and tip, which was not okay with anyone except me, who gave her the go ahead to do so.

This week, everyone had an issue with our happy hour. Light Lindsay wanted to change the venue because she said Ben was still mad at Dark Lindsey. Olivia got offended at a comment Amaya said regarding her leaving little cash. Sean had to pack his apartment, but "might" meet up, he said. It got really annoying and old very quickly. Amaya and I finally decided to "cancel" happy hour, which meant we still went, but did not invite anyone. It actually turned out really nice, and Dark Lindsey showed up to make amends with Ben.

Afterwards, as we walked to Target so Dark Lindsey could buy a birthday card for a colleague, I hear a voice call my name. I turn around and its Ray, my old boss from Isabella's Ice Cream Parlor in San Francisco.

Let me preface this all by saying that I live in a small city, in an out-of-the-way neighborhood. It was an off night, at an off time. The fact that we would run into each other, 3,000 miles from the place where we met and last saw each other, was just purely mind-blowing. I gave him a huge hug, and I think he was kind of put off by my intoxication. I gave him my number and we made arrangements to catch up, as he lives in Washington, DC with his partner "75% of the time."

Afterwards, we all went to Wonderland, where we met up with Kali. It was truly amazing. Lance also spent the night last night, which was just awesome, even if I was completely hammered by the time he got off work. It's just nice to be back, immersed in life in an east coast city, with good peeps. Read more!

Comenzando Lo Que Ya Sabes (Intro)

This is the intro for a movie I made over seven years ago. Tell me what you think - even if you don't understand Spanish.

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I Love Money 3: Episode 1

So the show starts out like any other episode - the players arrive and check out the house, just before they start checking out the competition. Strategizing starts almost immediately - Donald, the older heavy-set guy from Megan Wants a Millionaire tries to start an alliance almost immediately. He thinks that the weaker guys (and there are a lot this season) should band together to get rid of one of the stronger guys right up front.

The Nerd Alliance is formed - Donald manages to get Cheezy (I Love New York 2), Fox (Daisy of Love), Joe (MWAM), and possibly Flipper (DOL) on his side. They confront the girls to see if any of them want to be on their team. Most refuse - with the exception of Annie (Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair), who is the only to represent her show, as well as Bubbles (Real Chance of Love).

Ashley and Marcia (Rock of Love Bus) decide to form an alliance, as well, but just between the two of them. They overhear Pumkin and Red Oyster (Flavor of Love) talking alliance, as well, and decide that they'll wait for a few challenges to join forces against the other girls.

Mamasita (Real Chance of Love 2), sensing her lack of athleticism as a weakness, decides to flirt and sleep with Punisher (MWAM) in order to stay in the game. She says he has a good chance of winning challenges because of his size, and so she wants to be protected under his wing.

The first challenge comes - an athletic challenge in which the money-lovers must swim to the bottom of a pool and retrieve as many gold chains as they can.

Punisher and Punk are the victors of the challenge, retrieving seventeen gold chains each.

Photobucket Photobucket

Its a tie - but because two team captains are needed, there is a coin toss to see who will go first in the draft.

The draft is as follows:

Punisher chooses Mr. Wise / Punk chooses Pretty
Photobucket Photobucket

Punisher chooses Chi Chi / Punk chooses Fox
Photobucket Photobucket

Punisher chooses Angelique / Punk chooses Pumkin
Photobucket Photobucket

Punisher chooses Bootz / Punk chooses Red Oyster
Photobucket Photobucket

Punisher chooses Joe / Punk chooses Cheezy
Photobucket Photobucket

Punisher chooses Chardonnay / Punk chooses Marcia
Photobucket Photobucket'

Punisher chooses Ashley / Punk chooses Annie
Photobucket Photobucket

Punisher chooses Mamacita / Punk chooses Bubbles
Photobucket Photobucket

It finally comes down to Donald, Flipper, and Tiffany. Punisher and Punk know that one of the two guys started the Nerd Alliance, and they want to know who. Punisher chooses Tiffany and leaves the decision up to Punk. Flipper throws Donald under the bus by telling Punk and Punisher that he orchestrated the Nerd Alliance. Punk picks Flipper to be on his team, to everyone's surprise. Punisher says that he would have never chosen someone as back-stabbing as Flipper to be on his team. He wanted someone more neutral who doesn't have an agenda just yet - so he chose Tiffany.

Punisher chooses Tiffany / Punk chooses Flipper
Photobucket Photobucket


So that's what happens in episode one! Hang on for episode 2! Read more!

OMG Update

Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Lance is home. Read more!

Cazwell - Ice Cream Truck

Cazwell's new video for his song, "Ice Cream Truck." In the words of my friend Cannon: "Um, where is this ice cream truck parked?"

BTDubs - Caz is kind of a butterface, huh? Read more!

Still Looking For A New Start Update

I have a phone interview at 1pm today for a job opportunity in Los Angeles. It will take me closer to home, and it'll be closer to what I actually want to do. Working where I work now is great - I am doing very important work, and am working with some very eloquent, well-educated, well-connected people. But I need to get home to California, and I really want to do something that allows me to use my creativity a little more.

So I am interviewing today. I mean, the only thing I really have tying me here (besides all the fabulous people I've met along the way) is my mother - and she can't be the thing that holds me back from the kinds of things I want. I know she wants what's best for me. I know she'll suck it up and endure. But I'm just really scared.

Anyway, wish me luck. What was meant to be will be.

What will I be like as a Southern Californian? Read more!

My Hero! (A series)

Lots of people have shaped the man I am today (see that? I said "man" instead of "guy" or "boy" or "person"). I think its time to send some recognition their way and show how thankful I am to be who I am. Sometimes, these posts will be serious and other times they'll be funny, but every time, it'll be genuine. A genuine thank you to those assholes who fucked me up over the course of the years and made me the amazing dude I know I am. Yeah, I said amazing.


Oh, Morrissey, you whiny, self-righteous little bitch. How many times (when I was seventeen) did my heart feel like an inflated balloon because you belted out an angsty, egocentric line about how unfortunate you were which I related to? You got me through some tough times.

It all started senior year of high school. I was researching the 80s to set my final film project in that time period, and my beloved film teacher handed me a VHS copy of the Smiths on Top of the Pops. I turned on the video cassette in my apartment and watched, transfixed by the lanky, effeminate young man dancing on stage, swinging his arms around and belting out sad lyrics in a voice that was much older than his body. Long-stemmed flowers stuck out from his back pocket as he peered languidly around at the audience from behind thick-framed glasses. He pressed a hearing aide into his ear and almost sang to it, closing his eyes for a couple of seconds. I was hooked.

For the next few months, I bought everything I could Smiths. I incorporated three of their songs into my film, and even added an M where my parents never put a middle name. After I had wrung the Smiths' discography for all it was worth, I moved onto Morrissey's solo career. Luckily enough for me, the year was 2004 and Morrissey released a new solo CD that year - his best-selling solo album up until that time. It became somewhat of an obsession - a Morrissey-themed birthday, Morrissey-inspired outfits ... I even had a birthday party for him that year. Every chance I could get, his DVD would be playing. I did a report on Piccadilly polari, a language which Morrissey introduced me to, and I even wrote a speech about him in college for a public speaking course I was taking. He was saturated into my life.

Of course, I grew older, and moved away from obsession to enjoy other things in life, but I had been changed fundamentally from then on. I learned that emotions were very valuable - even the ones that are temporary or seem trite. Feeling bad can feel pretty good sometimes, and crying is a good venue for those emotions.

I also learned that confidence is okay to have - and its okay to let it show every now and then. Being who you are can mean a lot of things, but what Morrissey taught me was that no one should dictate or persuade your personality. I really appreciate that about him. Morrissey stands for independence and self-realization, in a world where nothing is certain and nothing is truly original.

Finally, what I learned the most from Morrissey is how to be alone. All of his songs have a deep feeling of loneliness at the bottom of them that seems juvenile and self-depricating, but they're actually very beautiful. He taught me that we're all alone, no matter how surrounded we may be with people who care about us. There is something very communal about being alone, and that is what makes his music so great.

Love you, Moz. My hero! Read more!

Happy HUMP Day Video!

Almost there, baby!

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Assistant Update

Having "assistant" in your title in an office setting automatically makes you everyone's bitch. Even in my office, where I am one of about 8 employees, and contribute far more beyond filing, unlike assistants anywhere else. And I'm not complaining - I'm grateful for my job, for the experience, and to be so heavily involved in all of this.

Its just - today I've had to fix a printer, a MobileMe account, and haven't even had time to lunch or write emails. And its mostly because I'm the only one in the office, but I'm usually the only one in the office because I'm the office bitch. I am marooned here until we hire that executive assistant everyone is certain will be arriving at some point.

Last night was a prime example of how I've begun to deal with the stressful items in my life. I went out and had happy hour (until 10pm) with Lindsay, Dark Lindsay, Sean, Amaya, Olivia, Kyle, and some other girl who I didn't talk to nor learn the name of at Commonwealth. Its nice to have friends who will take your mind off of work, even if they all complain about their works equally. We all get dealt a fair amount of shit. Its how we deal with it that truly characterizes us. Read more!

I Love Money 3

So, I have been pissed about the cancellation of I Love Money 3 for about a year now (thanks, Ryan Jenkins). But I have decided to stop crying about it and create my own fantasy league. I was recently inspired by the World Cup, and by my sister's boyfriend, and any other guy who has created a flow-chart of their favorite teams and players and who they think would win.

So here we go. This week will simply be the reveal of the cast. Next week, we'll start getting into the game.

Alright - so here is the roster! Tell me what you think.

Angelique (Rock of Love 2)

Annie (Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair)

Ashley (Rock of Love Bus)

Bootz (Flavor of Love 2)

Bubbles (Real Chance of Love)

Chardonnay (For the Love of Ray J)

Cheezy (I Love New York 2)

Chi Chi (Daisy of Love)

Donald (Megan Wants a Millionaire)

Fox (Daisy of Love)

Flipper (Daisy of Love)

Joe (Megan Wants a Millionaire)

Mamacita (Real Chance of Love 2)

Marcia (Rock of Love Bus)

Mr. Wise (I Love New York 2)

Pretty (I Love New York 2)

Pumkin (Flavor of Love)

The Punisher (Megan Wants a Millionaire)

Punk (I Love New York 2)

Red Oyster (Flavor of Love)

Tiffany (Rock of Love)

Alright! All bets on the table! Read more!