Purging Update

Well, the weekend is over! And what a weekend it was. Lots happened - both here in cyberspace, but also in that little place we call real life. Where to start?

Friday, I went to dinner with my mom and Jijad, as it was Jijad's last night in DC. He flew back to San Francisco on Saturday, after scrambling to pack all his things into two large boxes to be shipped out at a later date. It's weird, just being Dan and I. Dan and I were never the closest of roommates, but we're the last ones left. And I never made a conscious effort to avoid him or not be close with him, but between my work schedule and the other friends in my life I gave priority, it never occurred to me that I didn't really get to know who he was. He leaves at the end of this month, so I am trying hard to bond with him before he does.

I am moving in Jijad and Nati's old room, as it faces the street, has THREE large windows instead of my two, and I can put a chair outside on the roof of our porch and enjoy the sunlight sometimes. At least, until it gets cold.

What else? Howard's birthday on Saturday. We all went to Lindsay's, and hung out on her roof. I got to see Sean - probably one of the last times before he moves away to New York. I also got to see Ben for the first time since I left for California. It was really nice seeing all my old co-workers. I miss working with them so much.

Saturday, my aunt Susie also came into town - my mom's sister. Unfortunately, upon arriving in Washington, she fractured her foot and has to wear a brace for the duration of her trip. Yuck! Not cute. My mom made a joke about leaving her in the hotel room while she shops when they are in New York this week.

As far as online social stuff is concerned, I deleted my Friendster (remember that?), Myspace, and Grindr profiles. I also deleted over 150 people off of my Facebook. I have just been in a mood to purge. I want to have more control over my life, what people see, and who I allow to see that stuff.

Anyway, this post is boring - purely informational, but you know - shit happens.

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