Busy Update

Sorry to have lacked in the updates today. I started putting together my I Love Money 3 fantasy league and I started to feel slightly pathetic / I need more time to finish it. At noon, my boss called and gave me a huge project, which I've been furiously trying to finish before she gets here at 4:30pm.

I work for a non-profit here in DC that focuses on getting more Latinos to and through college. Its a great organization - small, but great. I like how it is important work I believe in - not just something that pays the bills (although it does that, too). I get paid next week and I'm so stoked. The pay is pretty much a third percent increase on what I was making at the restaurant. It'll be great to save when I get the new roommates in.

Speaking of new roommates, this weekend is going to get crazy, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to update. Tonight mom is taking Jijad and I out to dinner at the Palm before we send him off back to San Francisco. Then, Jijad is doing this crazy going away thing tonight at Wonderland, at which I'm sure I'll get thoroughly trashed. Then, tomorrow, we're having a board meeting here at the office, and I'm expected to take minutes. Not cute.

On Sunday, I'm having five people come in and look at the house, so Saturday after the board meeting I have to go home and clean. Then, its off to Lindsay's for Howard's surprise birthday party. Tomorrow night my aunt Susie also comes into town, and we're probably all going to go somewhere for dinner on Sunday night. Monday is going to be incredibly busy at work, and my boss will probably be in the office with me all day working on this big project. Yikes.

Anyway, boring! Lance has been in Michigan for two days. I miss him a lot.

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