Tuesday Happy Hour Update

Last night was pretty ridiculous and fun. Amaya and I have been meeting every Tuesday at Commonwealth for happy hour, since it goes all night and we usually get a fat 50 percent discount on our food because we used to work there. Last week, it turned into a total freak show as Dark Lindsey started stealing food from the kitchen, Amaya said something snarky to Ben, and people started splitting the check a bunch of different ways. Olivia also left very little cash to pay for her food and tip, which was not okay with anyone except me, who gave her the go ahead to do so.

This week, everyone had an issue with our happy hour. Light Lindsay wanted to change the venue because she said Ben was still mad at Dark Lindsey. Olivia got offended at a comment Amaya said regarding her leaving little cash. Sean had to pack his apartment, but "might" meet up, he said. It got really annoying and old very quickly. Amaya and I finally decided to "cancel" happy hour, which meant we still went, but did not invite anyone. It actually turned out really nice, and Dark Lindsey showed up to make amends with Ben.

Afterwards, as we walked to Target so Dark Lindsey could buy a birthday card for a colleague, I hear a voice call my name. I turn around and its Ray, my old boss from Isabella's Ice Cream Parlor in San Francisco.

Let me preface this all by saying that I live in a small city, in an out-of-the-way neighborhood. It was an off night, at an off time. The fact that we would run into each other, 3,000 miles from the place where we met and last saw each other, was just purely mind-blowing. I gave him a huge hug, and I think he was kind of put off by my intoxication. I gave him my number and we made arrangements to catch up, as he lives in Washington, DC with his partner "75% of the time."

Afterwards, we all went to Wonderland, where we met up with Kali. It was truly amazing. Lance also spent the night last night, which was just awesome, even if I was completely hammered by the time he got off work. It's just nice to be back, immersed in life in an east coast city, with good peeps.

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