Assistant Update

Having "assistant" in your title in an office setting automatically makes you everyone's bitch. Even in my office, where I am one of about 8 employees, and contribute far more beyond filing, unlike assistants anywhere else. And I'm not complaining - I'm grateful for my job, for the experience, and to be so heavily involved in all of this.

Its just - today I've had to fix a printer, a MobileMe account, and haven't even had time to lunch or write emails. And its mostly because I'm the only one in the office, but I'm usually the only one in the office because I'm the office bitch. I am marooned here until we hire that executive assistant everyone is certain will be arriving at some point.

Last night was a prime example of how I've begun to deal with the stressful items in my life. I went out and had happy hour (until 10pm) with Lindsay, Dark Lindsay, Sean, Amaya, Olivia, Kyle, and some other girl who I didn't talk to nor learn the name of at Commonwealth. Its nice to have friends who will take your mind off of work, even if they all complain about their works equally. We all get dealt a fair amount of shit. Its how we deal with it that truly characterizes us.

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