Still Looking For A New Start Update

I have a phone interview at 1pm today for a job opportunity in Los Angeles. It will take me closer to home, and it'll be closer to what I actually want to do. Working where I work now is great - I am doing very important work, and am working with some very eloquent, well-educated, well-connected people. But I need to get home to California, and I really want to do something that allows me to use my creativity a little more.

So I am interviewing today. I mean, the only thing I really have tying me here (besides all the fabulous people I've met along the way) is my mother - and she can't be the thing that holds me back from the kinds of things I want. I know she wants what's best for me. I know she'll suck it up and endure. But I'm just really scared.

Anyway, wish me luck. What was meant to be will be.

What will I be like as a Southern Californian?

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