I Love Money 3: Episode 2

So the show starts with Tiffany saying she's going to prove everyone wrong and win this challenge. She also wants to step up as team captain for the gold team.

The gold team decides to allow Tiffany to be captain, as she will void the check of whoever they all decide as she needs to keep her reputation good with the team, or she will be up for elimination if they lose. For the green team, they all decide that Cheezy will be team captain.

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The challenge is extremely physical - it requires the team to play together in a basketball-like competition in which there are 15 baskets around at different points of the court, signifying the 15 different "of love" reality shows there have been: Flavor of Love (3), Rock of Love (3), Real Chance of Love (2), For the Love of Ray J (2), I Love New York (2), Daisy of Love (1), Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair (1) and Megan Wants a Millionaire (1). The contestants are given trivia questions, and have to put the basketball into the appropriate show's basket.

The green team is aggressive and cheats mostly, but still manage to lose. Tiffany is proud of her team's victory.

In the vault, the green team has to choose three people up for elimination. Cheezy, knowing that his team will throw him into the box regardless of what happens, volunteers for the box, hoping it will make him look good to the rest of his team. Annie and Bubbles are put into the box as well, outnumbered, despite both having been assets on their teams. Bubbles cries.

The gold team is told their choices for elimination: Annie, Bubbles, and Cheezy.

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Tiffany asks her team who they think they should eliminate, and although there is a compelling argument to get rid of Annie because she scored the most baskets, Tiffany and Annie have begun to bond and Tiffany feels conflicted. There is also a motion by the girls on the team to get rid of Cheezy, as he is stronger than most of them.

At the elimination ceremony, Tiffany gives the first check to Bubbles, as she says that she's the least threatening person on the line, and she feels like Bubbles weakens the team more than anything else.

Between Annie and Cheezy, Tiffany says that she thinks she would have trouble going against Annie, and it looks like she's about to void Annie's check. She calls her up and Annie starts to cry. Tiffany hands Annie her check. Cheezy is out.


Tune in next week!

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