I Love Money 3: Episode 3

After the previous challenge, everyone celebrates. No one is really going to miss Cheezy. Ashley points out that she has forged an alliance with Angelique, and that they will whatever they can to keep each other's names out of the box. Spoiler alert! One of them winds up in the box.

The next day, the challenge is a kissing challenge - just like the first two seasons. However, this time, they are hung upside down over water, and must kiss their partner for as long as they can, until one taps out. Team captains are chosen - Mr. Wise for the green team, and Bootz for the gold team.

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The gold team is disproportionate and must sit one guy out - Angelique, Ashley, Bootz, Chardonnay, Tiffany, and Mamasita represent the girls, and Chi Chi and The Punisher representing guys. Angelique and Ashley quickly pair up, as neither wants to get stuck with Tiffany. Bootz and Chi Chi pair up, as well as The Punisher and Chardonnay. Mamasita is stuck with Tiffany, who she says she does not want to kiss.

The green team is better matched, with Annie kissing Pretty, Bubbles kissing Mr. Wise, Punk kissing Marcia, Flipper kissing Red Oyster, and Fox kissing Pumkin. Almost immediately, Fox and Pumkin fall off, as well as Mamasita and Tiffany.

Order of elimination:

Fox and Pumkin
Mamasita and Tiffany
Bootz and Chi Chi
Annie and Pretty
Flipper and Red Oyster
Bubbles and Mr. Wise
Chardonnay and The Punisher

It comes down to Angelique and Ashley against Marcia and Punk. Finally, Ashley gives in and falls. Marcia and Punk win. Marcia says it feels good to beat Ashley.

In the vault, the gold team must decide who they want to eliminate. Knowing Mr. Wise is team captain, Chi Chi and Joe say its a no brainer that no guys should go in. They decide to do what's fairest - throw in the girls who lost the challenge. Namely, Mamasita, Bootz, and Ashley. Ashley is thrown back, saying that Tiffany should go in, since she lost first on their team with Mamasita. She begins to see that there is a secret alliance going on, and is outnumbered. She is outraged, and decides that, being betrayed by her team, she's going to go rogue.

Up for elimination:

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Mr. Wise gives Ashley her check first, much to the disappointment of the girls on his team. They say that she is a strong competitor, and should be taken out. He gives the second check to Bootz, again angering his team. Mamasita is out. Mr. Wise says he believes in honest competition, and that the weak should be weeded out - somehow hoping that this will be remembered when he is on the chopping block, as he is a strong competitor. He also hopes that getting rid of Mamasita will weaken the Punisher, his biggest competition.


Mamasita's out.

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