Thoughts of the Day

So, like a stripper with a heart of gold, I realized that I need to reform. A makeover. And not like a Vivian Ward-type makeover (wait, she was a hooker? But those boots?) - a makeover on this blog, on myself. A makeover on my desire to be a writer and not just someone who posts pictures of Vh1 train-wrecks and talk about the latest news story that just so happens to appeal to me.

So, Thoughts of the Day, I beseech you - I want to pick a topic, any topic, every day, and write about it. I found that the offers some great writing prompts, but, like the blog itself, I want it to reflect me instead of someone else. My interests are varied: politics (see: anything Anderson Cooper says) to reality tv (see: anything Anderson Cooper watches [which turns out to be a lot.])

But this blog shouldn't just be me trying to entertain you with slutacious soundbytes and seductive studs and side-splitting scenes from Youtube. It should be more than that. It should be me, ranting, wild, unrelenting, unleashed on you like a Rock of Love beezy on a pole. Yes, that's what it will be. That's what I will aim for. That's what you can look forward to. That's what I attempt to achieve.

Good morning, America, a new day has arrived.

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