Stripper Update!

Every time I fail to post at least three times a day, I feel the need to apologize and fill you in on what's been going on. But really - I've got nothing. Nothing has been going on. I've fallen into a pit and I can't seem to claw my way out. Ever since returning from California, I've felt a little like things aren't right or where they should be, even though I'm graduating this year and things are as good as they've been in a long time. Not sure what to think about all this.

Inauguration is in six days, and last night, we got our first house-guest - Tony, one of Nati's volunteers in Nevada when she was working for the Obama campaign. She's having a few more people stop by throughout the week, friends both from home and from Vegas. On Monday my dad comes in. Tuesday, we're all doing the inauguration thing, and because my sister works for majority leader Harry Reid and because she worked on the campaign, she got SIX tickets to stand on the steps of the Capitol Building when Obama gets sworn in. Pretty ridiculous.

I guess I've been sleeping and drinking a lot. And running. I've been going for a two and a third mile run every day (I need to get my ass on the treadmill as soon as this post is over). Its been thirty degrees here for the past couple days, and its only getting colder. We're all hoping to see some snow tomorrow.

Sometimes, I feel like a bad friend because I wasn't there for Melissa or Angela's birthdays, and I won't be there for Sophia's when it comes next month. Or Josh's, just five days after mine. I've been thinking about that a lot. Having dreams about it, even. Maybe that's why I feel like things aren't right.


MellyG said...

you don't REALLY think you're a bad friend b/cus you werent here for my bday. you're just bummed you missed karaoke!!


for the record: I would have loved it if you were there!

Julian, the Desaparecido said...

<3 boom.