Getting to Class

Its only the third day and I'm already dreading going to class. I roll over in my bed, pull the curtain back from the window, and glance out, bleary eyed, until I realize everything is white yet I can't see downward movement from the sky without my glasses.

I roll the other way - glasses sitting on top of my snow-colored computer - I snap them on my face then roll over again towards the window, the door - pull the curtain back. Its not snowing anymore. I fall back on my bed again, defeated, and cover my face with the blanket my great-grandmother had made for me when I was born - pale blue, the color the sky would be had gray yarn not covered it in its opaque patchwork.

After several seconds of breathing hot air into the twenty-two year old fabric, I pull it away from my face, push myself up in my bed so that I'm sitting with my back against the cold steel frame that comprises the headboard, and pull my computer onto my lap. Flipping it open, it reveals the page I had last visited before casting off to sleep - this blog.

Alas, wonderful news on the UMD web page - classes will not begin until 11 AM this morning. I glance at my clock, my insides churning with elation - its 7 AM, and I can sleep for two and a half more hours.

Its only the third day and I'm already praising the gods for weather that makes my teeth chatter when I stand, three hours later, waiting for the bus to take me to school.

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