What do we think of New York Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand?


I think she's a skank who needs to be shanked. She'll have a tough job filling in for Hillary.

Why? From different sources I've read, it turns out, she's pretty anti-immigrant. Check it out:

1. She's ordered local police officers to take on immigration enforcement duties.
2. She's supported ineffective border patrol enforcement.
3. Opposed any path for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship.
4. English First, an organization that works to make English the "official" language of the United States, gave Gillibrand an "A" on her 2007-2008 report-card.
5. Supported the SAVE Act, which would force 6 million businesses to verify the legal status of their employees.

Hot! We're going to have a field day ripping her a new one!


You read more here at vivirlatino.com.

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