Stripper Update!

Last night was pretty sloppy, as predicted by Melissa and I. We started the party early at her place, with four bottles of champagne. While walking on Haight towards Church and Market, Melissa proclaimed her desire for a shot, so we turned into the first bar we came upon and got one.

While waiting for a cab, we started chatting up this guy on the street. We shared a cab with him to Church and Market, as he was on his way to San Bruno. Melissa and I then split up so she could go to her friend's party while I met up with Angela and Sophia.

We had plans to go downtown, but we ended up just going to a party at Josh's friend's place. They had a great roof and everyone was watching the fireworks from up there. It was going great until I cracked Josh's front tooth with a champagne bottle, and Angela got into a fight about ... well, about nothing, really.

I don't remember getting home, but Melissa said that I passed out in the hallway of the building.

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