25 Annoying Things About Me

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25 Things Everyone Wanted to Know About Me

1. I think that New Wave is better than disco, but I think disco is better than everything else.
2. I'm a Mexican who doesn't like to eat beans.
3. I used to think I was an X-Man when I was little. You see, walking home from school, I could "sense" electricity generated by televisions inside of houses .... from the OUTSIDE! Crazy, right?
4. I would prefer to pee into sinks, since they're higher up, but I usually pee into toilets.
5. Speaking of peeing - I try to hit the side of the bowl instead of the water, because the sound of pee hitting the water makes me grimace.
6. I was picked on a lot in elementary through middle school, but was a total stud in high school - because it was an arts high school and my boyfriend was the cutest in school.
7. I like to imitate dance moves I see on TV.
8. Rock beats paper - every time.
9. I wrote my first book when I was eight years old. Horrortopia.
10. I'm the only one who thinks its great that Vh1 has replaced music videos with cheesy reality "love" shows.
11. My dad was in a band and my mom was a cheerleader.
12. My sister is the coolest person I know.
13. I think that I'm really good and really bad at lying. Simultaneously.
14. My mom says that if I ever stop biting my nails, she'll take me to get my first manicure. That was the wrong thing to say.
15. I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 15.
16. I have ambitions to write children's books for adults one day.
17. Since I've worked in a lot of restaurants, I also think it'd be a good idea to maybe own one one day.
18. In 2007 I was a great swimmer. What happened?
19. I can play the bass guitar.
20. I have my own rap album.
21. I am totally one of those people who look to see people's reactions to films on their faces, like Amelie. God, I hate that movie.
22. I'm pretty apathetic about God, unless I need him.
23. I want to be like both of my parents, but I see myself becoming my dad more and more every day.
24. I wish I was closer to my nieces and nephews.
25. My favorite food is soup.

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