Stripper Update

I've been busy. Not really.
Okay, I've been sick. Sort of.
My allergies have been going crazy? Well, that part is over now.

I've been drunk? Well, last night I was. I finally saw "Slumdog Millionaire" with Jijad during the day, bought Kevin's Christmas gift (finally!), wrapped it, took care of the garbage and recycling that was piling up in our kitchen, then headed out to dinner at Red Rocks with Nati and J. It was pretty fun - especially when Stephan showed up. Two Deliriums later, we were making plans to go out for the evening.

After a couple rounds of Mario Kart, we went to Jr's, which was pretty lame, but the three dollar drinks were pretty rockin'. We then went to Cobalt, danced the night away and gossiped about everyone around us, and then went home, very drunkenly.


I threw up outside the house and Stephan spent the night on the futon. This morning we watched Rock of Love Bus. My life is pretty lame right now.

I have been writing my children's book. And I need to figure out when I can volunteer at that Latino youth center. Nothing of interest. Oh, I'm enrolled in THREE classes now instead of just two. I'm moving up on the waitlist on the other two I absolutely need this semester. Anyway.

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