First Day of Spring Semester 2009

What a debacle! Today is a mess, and I'm hating it right about now. I'm at nineteen credits and need one more to make it to graduation in time, and I'm on the waitlist for a WEIGHT LIFTING CLASS. Signing up for it, it said I was sixth in line. Now it says SIXTEENTH. Sorry, I need to vent. I'm not usually crazy about those crazy about caps.

Do you want the line up? Its as follows:

SPANISH 203 - Intermediate Spanish
Ugh, this is going to be the most tedious class EVER.

ENGL391 - Advanced Composition
At least there is SOMETHING advanced in my schedule...

GEOG435 - Population Geography
Something I may or may not have already taken my first semester at CCSF.

ENGL410 - Edmund Spencer
The teacher is funky, so this class may be cool.

ENGL310 - Medieval and Renaissance British Literature
The professor says "fuck" every couple words and is a communist - thumbs up.

AAST398L - Asian-Americans in Film
This is probably the one I'm most excited about.

KNES157N - Beginning Lifting
Hopefully I'll get this one, otherwise I'm fucked. And I'll get nice arms out of it, too.

So shit-show-McGee! I'm hoping it'll all turn out for the best, but something tells me there are still several hoops I'll need to jump through before shit gets sorted out. I'll keep you posted.

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MellyG said...

oh boo. good luck with your weight lifting class. if all fails, take a dance class!

Geog 435: probably gonna talk about India and China, and LA.

AAST398L: prepare to watch the Joy Luck Club and Better Luck Tomorrow.