One of my top 3 music videos of all time

Check it out! Its by Muse, and its called "Knights of Cydonia." If I lived in a fantasy world, this would be it. According to a certain source (no, not Wikipedia):

"The KOC video was shot over five days: three days in Romania; one day in London; and one day in Red Rock, California; it was made available on July 11, 2006. It was filmed and edited as a thematic smörgåsbord: a spaghetti western film with post-apocalyptic influence, complete with beginning and end credits, livened with the occasional kung-fu cowboy or metal-clad maiden astride a unicorn. At the end of the video one can see Roman numerals MCMLXXXI which translates as 1981. However, in the introduction the numerals MCLMXXXI are seen, which do not represent any number due to incorrect nomenclature.

The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, and stars British actor Russ Bain as the protagonist (The Man With No Name), Richard Brake as the antagonist (Sheriff Baron Klaus Rottingham), and Cassandra Bell as the love interest (Princess Shane Kuriyami).

Throughout the video, the actors mouth out the lyrics, such as Russ Bain ramshackled in town square mouthing ‘No one's going to take me alive’, and Cassandra Bell at the gallows ‘You and I must fight for our rights’. In both instances, the mouthed words occur after the song lyrics and complete before the song moves on to the next line. The band appears in some scenes as holograms, and there are also some scenes featuring lead singer Bellamy. Also, when it shows the population of the town Cydonia it is shown as "143" a common symbol for "I love you" although, it is unknown whether this is just a random number, or it was put there for a reason by the director or band.

Shortly after the making of the music video, Muse announced that they were giving away 1000 movie posters depicting the characters and general plot of the video itself to the first 1000 people who correctly guessed the fifteen major motion pictures referenced by the music video. Although various other references have been proposed, the fifteen responses accepted at the contest website include Star Wars, The Matrix, Westworld, Mad Max, The Lone Ranger, Batman, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Kung Fu, Legend, Maverick, Heavy Metal, The Searchers, Planet of the Apes and Blade Runner.

You can watch the video below. Enjoy!

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