Train Wreck? Try Bus Crash on Vh1's latest "Rock of Love"

Show: Rock of Love Bus (Rock of Love 3)
Network: Vh1
Premiere Date: January 4, 2009

Whereas the first two seasons of Vh1's "Rock of Love" franchise take place in a house, the newest and final installment of the series puts the girls on two buses traveling across the country. That's right, folks - the varied assortment of strippers and porn stars, no longer confined to a multi-level home in California, are coming to a town near you!

The series opens in Louisville, Kentucky, at a bar called Coyotes, which at once seems both appropriate and prophetic. The girls - ranging from barely legal to "been around the block" (or around the pole) - seem to be as enthusiastic about silicone as they are about Bret Michaels, jumping up and down on an assortment of dominatrix boots and plastic heels when he enters the room.

It's not "The Bachelor" and its not speed dating at the Ritz, but what a viewer must realize is that the fun and the entertainment value lies in the fact that the girls are from the shallowest end of the gene pool. Take Nikki, for example, who eliminates herself when she decides to recite rap lyrics to Bret off of fact sheets for gonorrhea and genital herpes. That, paired with her redefinition of the tequila "body shot," made her a memorable character, made it good television, and almost makes it hard to watch. Like a train wreck - like a bus crash!

Would I recommend watching it? Absolutely. Although, at certain times, it may cause nausea, irritated skin, grimacing and the familiar feeling of guilt that comes with watching shows such as "Cops" and "Jerry Springer," "Rock of Love Bus" is something akin to a petri dish experiment, or a children's sea monkey's starter kit - just add tequila, and watch to see what happens!


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