Thoughts of the Day

So, yesterday in my population geography class, my professor asked us all why we thought that immigration wasn't a major topic in the debate. We went over every possible answer, each of which was struck down - no one cared, too many people cared, not enough involvement, too controversial ... but what we wound up with really blew my mind.

McCain and Obama were so fundamentally alike on the topic that it pretty much generated a stalemate - the debate between each other's proposed ideas would have been a short one, and it was. Because they were so alike, it really made other issues stand out above others. The dramatic increase in illegal immigrants, and the resurgence of racism across national borders, along with a new movement to get those people legalized, ultimately made both candidates neutral on the topic. It was TOO BIG of an issue. This is exciting and a little sad, too.

I always felt like Obama was hiding his real agenda because he wanted to win, and rightfully so - ninety five percent of the time, he voted along his party line, which made him one of the most liberal senators ever. Its hard to think that he would throw away all those ideals because he was president. I think that he hid them just to BECOME president.

Hopefully, he'll be more progressive when it comes to immigration reform in the future. With his first hundred days up, I think its time we started to see him step it up on this front, nonetheless.

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