Daisy of Love Premiere

"Daisy of Love" premiered last night, and what can I say - it was about as much of a disappointment as the news that it would be Daisy from the "Rock of Love" franchise who would be getting a show than anyone else. I'm not saying I dislike the alleged niece of boxer Oscar De La Hoya - after all, I did drive out to meet her in College Park with Rob and Kevin. I even bought the skank a shot. However, out of all the intriguing personalities that Rock of Love has spawned, its hard to believe they picked her.

"I Love New York" made sense because 1) New York is insane, and 2) because she was on two seasons of "Flavor of Love." If there were to be the same type of personality, with the same kind of star-power to return and rock two seasons, it definitely should have been Heather Chadwell, runner-up on "Rock of Love" and resident groupie on season 2. She's fabulous, nuts, a true stripper with a heart of gold, and she knows how to have a good time. And, despite it not being the biggest reason why people watch celeb-reality, she actually wants love.

Heather of Love anyone?

In any case, I guess this post is to say that I will NOT be covering Daisy of Love. You can keep up with it at the Vh1 blog (he's much funnier than I am).

I mean, come on - getting rid of the Swedish triplets in the pilot? Brother/sister teams have great potential for reality TV - just as Real and Chance, who now have their own show, or the Thing sisters from Flavor of Love 3, one of which was eliminated and brought back to win the whole thing?

Boooring. Later.

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