I Love Money 2 Update: Episode 10


This week on "I Love Money 2," Becky Buckwild got the axe, as another one of the "bully" alliance was severed by 20 Pack. 20 Pack, really, you ask? Well, yes - the "underdogs" (who are now officially the Bullies) managed to put Frenchy, Buckwild and Saaphyri into the box after Frenchie came in dead last on the challenge. As you know, dead last loser has to go into the box automatically, thus ruining 20 Pack's plan of choosing someone from the other alliance to go home.

In the end, he sent Buckwild home to ensure safety for himself in the next challenge in case one of the Underdogs becomes paymaster. He also could not bring himself to send Frenchy home despite Buckwild and Saaphyri's desire to stick together and get her eliminated.

Eight left!


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