Stripper Update

I feel like a super duper failure. How does this happen? How can I be on top of the world one week and then the bottom of the gutter the next? Last week, I swear, I said about seven million times (roughly) that I was happy with life, that everything was peachy, and that I couldn't wait to see what life held in store for me in the near future. Now that's all gone to pot because of taxes, school and stupid, irrational concerns about my health.

This week I created a "to do" list of sorts, and managed to scratch off roughly sixty percent of the things on the list, but the last ones are the most laborious, which is why I'm A) freaking out and B) not all that impressed with my progress. I am the master of procrastination, and I've been putting things off so much that it all has added up so exquisitely and I'm trying to deal with it all at the same time. Probably not my smartest move, but a move that has me stressed out, nonetheless.

Advice that I've given and that I need to take myself right now is: one day at a time. What can I do today? What can I finish today. I guess I've been getting ahead of myself because I work starting tomorrow all the way through Sunday, and I've been paranoid that I won't be done in time with all my readings, studying, etc.

One day at a time ...

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