Rock of Love Bus Update: Episode 11


Well, that's the end of the newbies! In the latest episode of Dumptruck of Love, Jamie was sent home, and if you're asking "who's Jamie?" then we're on the same page. Also, if you have since stopped caring about who Bret picks in next week's finale, then we're still on the same page. And if you think that it'll be Mindy, then, gosh darned it, we may as well be the same person.

I don't really care to recap on the last episode that much despite noting the fact that Bret needs a down-ass chick and Jamie just wasn't cutting it. Taya and Mindy, both of their biological clocks ticking, are ready to get married and squeeze out some more puppies using that Bret Brew, which is apparently what he's looking for.

So, who's going to win this thing, yo?

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