Stripper Update

Heading into the weekend, which means a great chunk of my time will be spent at work. Looking forward to it, though - it'll be crazy, it'll be busy, it'll be lots of money. I have this black tie thing to go to with mom on Saturday night. We rented a tux and everything - its pretty legit. I went with her last year (or the year before?), and I indulged in all the free wine all that good stuff that comes with hanging with my mom. However, I feel like the pressure is on this time because she wants to introduce me to people who may be instrumental with getting me a job.

I"m kind of scared to start doing something new, but I look forward to seeing where things take me. I just want to dive into it, head first, and enjoy every step of my life. I don't want to feel like I did anything wrong. Took the wrong step.

But right now, into the weekend. Into disaster. Into the spiral of chaos that comes with my wonderful life.

The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend.

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