Thoughts of the Day

Talking about death-rates and birthrates in class, I realize that humans are incredibly resilient, amazing creatures. I guess this admiration goes beyond just humans, then, and all life on earth. All animals have had to overcome tremendous odds to get to where they are today, if we are to think along the lines of evolution. This makes it all the more troublesome when creatures go extinct, because it shows the fragility of life - it shows how easily everything that has led up to this point can disappear in an instant. Shout out to the dinosaurs.

This is probably why we feel so guilty when it comes to global warming, or when we hunt an animal to extinction. This is why we feel so sad when our families fall apart, when people we love die - because we are the most recent descendants of a long line of people, and would the people who came before us stand with us? Would they respect us? Would they feel like we are doing a good job representing them? I can't help but think about my grandfather, homophobic, racist - my mom has told me, without being cruel about it, that he would never have approved of me.

But I look at photographs of he and I when I was just a boy and I see the love in his eyes, for me, for my sister, for my mom. I've replaced him on this planet, and someday, I will also be the replacement for my parents. I just want to do a good job. But I think that the best thing I can do is be myself, right?

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