I Love Money 2 Recap: Episode 9


Caught between two alliances, Cali's luck finally ran out on "I Love Money 2" when she was sent home by Tailor Made, who was once again Paymaster. I guess people on these shows are faithful to their alliances to save face on television, but she looked like a damned fool at the power outing and whenever she spoke - this is probably why she was mostly edited out of the entire season. I swear, some of these people are just flying under the radar - we've yet to see a meaningful, interesting plotline involving Ice (and, up until this episode, Cali and It).

In any case, nine remain. I saw on an interview with the Entertainer that Prancer got new boobs, which leads me to suspect that she was the actual winner. We'll just have to watch and find out. Something tells me that in the next episode, one more of the Charm School ladies will get the axe, but we'll see.



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