Support the Dream Act


The Dream Act, a piece of bipartisan legislation being pushed on Capitol Hill this week for the second time, is something all of us need to stand behind. What it offers is conditional legal status and eventual citizenship to illegal immigrants who have come to this country illegally.

Why should we stand behind it, you ask? Well, why not! First of all, the children of illegal immigrants were brought here against their will. Yeah, I support the legalization and the decriminalization of illegal immigrants in this country, however, their children should be kept separate from that. What choice did they have? And should they be punished forever if they've grown up in this country? I don't agree with that. Plus, a college diploma these days is about as useful as a cat in a hat. Give it to them!

It would be a small victory for Latinos everywhere.

To do YOUR part, here's what you've got to do:

1. CALL Pick up the phone and call your Senator or Representative today. Dial 202-224-3121 or use the NCLR guide to be connected to your member of Congress and speak out in favor of the DREAM Act.

Sample message - “Hi, I am calling in support of the DREAM Act (S.729 / H.R. 1751). The DREAM Act lays the groundwork for immigration reform and allows immigrant youth of good moral character to make crucial economic contributions to the United States. To not pass the act at a time when this country needs an economic stimulus and a more educated workforce would be great folly. I urge _________ to become a cosponsor of the DREAM Act.”

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