Stripper Update

So, I'm applying for this job online to blog. On immigration. I really want to get it, and I've worked a piece over and over again trying to make it better. However, its a blog piece and not an actual piece of hardcore journalism, so I'm fairly certain they don't want a 60 Minutes, Diane Sawyer type report. Still, one day, I'd like to reach that caliber, so I'd like to get as much practice as possible.

I work every day until Sunday, too, which sucks - especially since I have a big test on Monday that I am dreading like my own personal Grendel. Thought I'd throw it in there just to prove to you that I'm actually learning something.

This week is a massive dragon I've had to slay, but I'm almost through with it. I need to apply for a scholarship for the summer session I must take, and meet with Arts and Humanities, but other than that, I'm peachy. Pretty boring, in fact. Last night was the first night I'd been out in a long time, and it was only for dinner. But it still feels nice to go out and do things sometimes.

I'll try and post some more shit today - I know I've been an infrequent and fairly negligent blogger lately.

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