Stripper Update!

Whoa, where to begin? This week has been such a rag - nothing but exams, paper, and work (at the restaurant, that is). Its been a whirlwind of academic craziness, what with three papers, a test on Monday, and work both last night and today, not to mention the whole weekend. I've been swamped, and feel bad that I've neglected my baby!

In any case, good news in the shape of a trip to New York tomorrow! Four days in the city that never sleeps! I've got to make sure to take my camera, because craziness is almost certainly guaranteed. Juanita More is going to be there, as well as Jorge, from my work. I just checked Angie's status on Facebook and it looks like she's going to be there, too!! Crazy.

I've also registered for summer session, and BOUGHT A TICKET TO BERLIN two days ago. I'm so excited and yet so nervous - its from September all the way through mid November. Two and a half months. What a crazy week.

Now I just have to get a scholarship/loan lined up for summer, and all will be peachy.

Oh, yeah, taxes sucked. I owed.

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