Thoughts of the Day

After an awesome night last night at Genger's, and then at Keli and Ryan's, I realize that I have really great friends. I finally feel like a part of DC, which is strange, because I only felt like DC could be home when I was with Rob. But now, over six months after our relationship ended, and almost two years into my DC residency, I'm realizing that I may actually kind of like my life out here.

Last night, Genger had me over for dinner - we used to work together at the Heights, she as a hostess, me as a server. We never were the closest, but I always liked her, and she always liked me. We saw each other on Friday at Wonderland and promised each other to hang out this week, and so we decided that Tuesday night would be the day. I brought over a six-pack of UFOs and she made Moroccan style chicken over cous cous, with a side of brussels sprouts. For desert she made these fantastic pumpkin cupcakes.

After dinner, I called up Ryan and Keli and went over to their new place, which is really awesome, and located one block away, and practically across the street from my mom. We drank wine and played Wii. It was a great day.

When I finally came home at the end of the night I realize that my life is really pretty awesome, despite it being three-thousand miles away from my native California, and being ridiculously stressed out all the time.

Do you ever feel this way?

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