Rock of Love Bus Finale / I Love Money 2 Recap: Episode 11

Rock of Love Bus ended this week, Taya won. That's all I want to say about the finale.


Meanwhile, back at a show that was actually interesting, 20 Pack'ed his shit and left Mexico after he was eliminated by the scheming Myameee. Scandelous! In an act of desperation, Saaphyri got the ball rolling on an all-girl alliance, and although Myameee turned her down, it did not stop the Flavor of Love 3 girls (which also includes Ice and Prancer) from forming their own "Pretty Girl Alliance." Drama!

So if things go according to plan, Tailor Made and It are next. Then the final five would be Saaphyri, Angelique, Myameee, Ice and Prancer. That would rock! Although something tells me that personal vendettas will get in the way, and Saaphyri will get the boot sometimes soon. But we'll just have to watch and see.

Seven left!


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