Thoughts of the Day

Fellow STUD-ents - not so much. I am not attracted to the guys at my school. I hate to sound like a bitchy gay marginalizing an entire group of people because of where they're from, but come ON ... the guys at UMD are just NOT cute. And you know I'm serious because I'm using CAPS LOCK like crazy. None of them exude the sexiness that guys from the Bay Area do (maybe its something in the fresh bay air), and for some reason, I've managed to view each one as a kind of clumsy, boyish puppy that needs to be potty trained. Not for me.

It doesn't help that flip-flops and sweat pants seems to be a regional uniform, either. When did either of these trends pick up, and why are they so popular. Yes, I GET IT - you live on campus and don't give a fuck. But give me a break - one of the biggest arguments in favor of the lazy-fuck sandal is that they're "comfortable." Really? How comfortable can flip-flops be when you're standing in the rain or having your feet stepped on by an angry asshole (like me) with chunky Nikes. Yes, it was intentional, bitch.

Okay, this is less of a thought, and more of a rant. But it feels good. UMD guys are not hot, and that's just the bottom line.

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