Stripper Update

So, I may have requested the days off too late, but I really want to go to New York next weekend. Its my spring break, and it occurred to me a little late that I really want to go somewhere, even if its just for a day. I've saved enough cash to go, and I could really use a few new outfits. Also, it turns out that Nati (my sis) is going next weekend, and probably staying with her friend Heather, so - alas. I want to go.

However, I think that maybe the schedule for work has already been made, thus reducing my chances at going. I told my co-worker Greg about it, and he said that he'd pick up any shifts for me that he could, which is nice. There ARE only seven of us, though, so he's probably scheduled for all the same shifts as me. We'll see.

My mom is getting me a ticket to Puerto Rico next month, which I'm really looking forward to. The only thing I'm kind of scared about is the fact that she hasn't seen my tattoo just yet. I know I"ll need to tell her before she sees it on the beach, but I just don't know how I"ll do it. Maybe I'll show her after we're drunk on some wine. I am practically a straight A student - what could she be worried about?

That's pretty much it. I have a busy weekend, which doesn't look too fun. Oh, well. Saving that money, yo!

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