The 80s Are Back! ... Again - Summer 2009 Edition

Transformers VS. GI Joe - the 80s are officially back (and have since died and come back again six times since 2004). With past cartoons turned toys turned cartoons turned movies being the latest trend in the Hollywood market, I'm wondering if the same thing will happen in another twenty years, when the technology is even better. I mean, the new Transformers look amazing, and I'm not necessarily sure how they can improve on the effects beyond this point? And I mean - was I the only one trying to follow the plot of the first Transformers movie? I mean, yeah, it was good, but come on - the whole concept was totally far-fetched.

Can't we just let some things rest where they fall (Bratz, I'm looking at you!), or are we going to be rehashing the glory days over and over again until real aliens DO come and pummel us? If that's the case, I say - bring it on. We deserve it.

Anyway, watch the trailers below, and let me know which, if any, you'll see. Despite my bitching, I'll probably see both twelve times. Hello, Shia! Hello, Channing!


- VS -


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