Salma Hayek's New Plus One


Salma Hayek is one of my favorite celebrities for many reasons - one, because she's Mexican. Two, because she's Lebanese. Three, because she's beautiful. Four, because she's a great actress. And although this isn't the last reason, but the last one I'll post, because she's modest and humble. Those are two qualities not usually found in most celebrated actresses, much the same way we don't think of unicorns being inherently evil (because they are, you know).

In any case, above is a picture of Salma and her daughter Valentina. So cute! In an article from dlisted you can read here, the blogger speculates that her breast milk must be made of something akin to Ovaltine and liquified Rosetta Stone, because little Valentina is already trilingual. Bitchface! Finally, one thing I hate about Mrs. Hayek - she's fucking perfect.

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