Stripper Update

So, Spring Break wouldn't be Spring Break without some sort of disaster, so of course, this year, it was my sister's appendix. She had been complaining about stomach pains all weekend, and when she described it, Jijad and I surmised that it must have been appendicitis. Hand over our doctorates, please, because we were right. After being at the hospital yesterday through early this morning (a total of about 8 or 9 hours), the doctors finally concluded that she would need to have her appendix removed. Sucker!

Jijad spent the night with her while my mom and I drove back home and passed out for a few hours in our respective beds. Then, when Jijad called to let us know when the surgery would be taking place, we got up again and headed back out. After a quick coffee-donut breakfast, we were in her room, waiting for her to emerge from the recovery ward. I ended up passing out on her hospital bed until she arrived.

She was pretty happy - probably a result of the morphine - and said that it was not as bad as she thought it was going to be. No tears. We welcomed her back to life, and after a series of tests and questions, she went to sleep again. Jijad and I drove home, leaving my mom there for the day shift. I work later tonight and Jijad needed to get some sleep before he returns at night, so we thought it best for us to return together.

Scandalous! So much for NYC!

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