Stripper Update

I'm working so damn much this week, its redic. I stupidly picked up two shifts and now today was my only day off, and, as I've been finding out more and more each day, our days off turn into our days on. I still need to work out a new loan or scholarship to get me through summer of 2009 so that I can graduate. I don't know when I'll get time to do that.

I did manage to get a haircut today, and its super cute! Short on the sides, longer on top, super long in the back and a bit asymmetrical.

Uh oh. Drag race came on right now. Time for me to shut up and watch.

Yes, this is my life so far. No wonder I find it hard to have conversations with people these days. Reality TV has me by the throat. But hey, it came in handy today during my haircut - turns out, my hairdresser is a Rock of Love Bus diva! OMG - her pick is Mindy, by the way.

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