Stripper Update

So, I'm officially on Spring Break! It feels so nice to sleep in and relax - I've forgotten what this could actually be like. Of course, I vowed to find a scholarship and get caught up on my homework this week, so I'm not entirely off the hook, but I think that things are looking good for me in the long run. Only about 8 weeks of school left before I'm done with this semester - and then one summer session. People keep reminding me about how my degree is pretty much useless in the professional world, but I disagree- call me naïve - I'm not entirely convinced.

You see, people can get degrees in almost anything they choose, but they still don't get great jobs. And in the midst of an economic recession, those chances are even lower. I think that as long as I am determined, as long as I don't take myself too seriously, and as long as I'm true to what I WANT rather than what other people think I should want, then I'll be fine. After all, getting a BA was only a goal, not an end to a means of living. I have many more goals ahead of me that I can achieve without needing to depend on my degree, without needing to settle down and become the person I will have to be for the rest of my life.

And I'm very happy about that.

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