Stripper Update!

So, sometimes, all you need is some new clothes to gain a new perspective on life. I went out to Tyson's Corner with my mom, my sis, and her bf(f) Jijad for some brunch and shopping. After two strong "margaritas de oro," we tore it up. It was only for a couple of hours, but I wound up with three new shirts, a new pair of (non-skinny) jeans, and some Nikes. Last night, with the taste of consumerism still wetting my palate, I bought another pair of Nikes online.

I had fallen into a funk with all my clothes that spread like scabies to every part of my life (just LIKE scabies, in fact!). After purging a good amount, and buying just a few items, I already feel like I can move forward. Its funny how much clothes play a factor into our self-esteem, our mood. I was getting sick of considering staying in because I didn't feel cute enough to go out. But then again, as a friend pointed out, maybe its my hair and not my clothes. Oh - for those of you who do not know - this mullet is getting redic.

Nati just started a kickball league on Facebook for our neighborhood(s). Its going to be amazing.

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