Thoughts (Or Lack Thereof)

Last night I had a phenomenal dinner with my family after a pretty long day. After school I went for a jog through the oldest cemetery in DC, a place I've been using for my cardiovascular necessities as of late. Its a really interesting jog - graves with swastikas, creepy and bizarre eulogies, half-buried headstones due to the erosion of the soil. Patrick Henry and many other notables are buried there. Its pretty fantastic.

Mom's birthday was last week and I was lagging on a present, mostly because I was looking for an elliptical machine to get her being that her stairmaster finally gave out. She'd been splitting her exercising time between the aforementioned graveyard and the gym that is inside her building at work. I found one a couple of days ago on Craigslist in my price range and the guy dropped it off - I had Jijad there with me in case he was shady, and to help me judge whether the machine was shady itself.

We all met up for dinner later that night, and had a fantastic meal and several cocktails. It was the perfect ending to a long day. Actually, coming home and showing my mom her new piece of exercising equipment was the perfect ending to a long day. Happy birthday, mom! Don't let yourself go.

I can't believe she's almost 50!


D.C. Confidential said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my entry about Rock Creek Cemetery. Of all the cemeteries I've wandered through in Washington it and Oak Hill over in Georgetown are my favorites. (You want a cardio workout? You should run in that cemetery!)

You mentioned Patrick Henry in your comments on my blog and here in your blog. I thought he was buried there, too, but when I looked him up on Wikipedia, it says he's buried in Brookneal, Virginia. The result for me being that I'm confused. That's also why I didn't mention him in my list of notables on my blog.

I haven't been able to ascertain what the statue of him in Rock Creek is: a memorial? A first burial site? The actual burial site? An oddity? It's a mystery to me. I keep meaning to ask the cemetery staff what the deal is. If you get a chance to find out, let me know. In the meantime, here are a couple of links:

Patrick Henry
Red Hill: Patrick Henry

What do you think?

Julian, the Desaparecido said...

Wow, I had no idea! That's great - a puzzle for us to solve! I feel like I've joined the team aboard the Mystery Machine! I'll definitely ask next time I jog up there - probably on Friday. I'll let you know!

Thanks for checking out my blog and dropping some comments!