State of the Union


What did you all think about Obama's speech? I tried watching it, but I kept getting distracted - I felt like it sounded like he was still campaigning for the job. I can only imagine his speechwriters and how confused they must be that they actually are writing for the president now. Instead of giving a STATE of the union, he pretty much handed out promises as easily as a pedophile gives out candy. Its as though we're still looking to the future instead of dealing with the problems that are happening today, in all of our lives. What about the stimulus package, yo? What are you going to do with that? And specifically?

Maybe I just wasn't paying attention too closely. Maybe Michelle Obama's underdress-edness was distracting me. Or maybe it was Nancy Pelosi's irritating clap-standup-sitdown routine that had Joe Biden looking like he would snap his dentures in half if he gritted just a little harder. In any case, I was not that impressed. Were you?

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