Stripper Update

So, its been a pretty slow week for posts. Sorry about that. I'm sure you got used to me posting five posts a minute (which was true on some days), but alas, I've decided that by making you all starve a bit, maybe you'll comment/pay attention a little more!

Just kidding. Kind of. Actually, I'm not kidding at all. Comment!

If you still read this shit. I know it looked abandoned for a few days, but believe me - I'm still here, in my Nike-wearing, stripper-acting, Vh1-loving fake ass way, so don't forget about me. I haven't forgotten about you.

What's even worst is that I'm considering leaving my computer at home more often so that I can pay better attention in my classes. Its hard to listen to talk about Spenser when you're sitting in the back of the class looking for the next hottie of the week. Hard work, I tell ya.

I am thinking about trying a dry run tomorrow. However, I'm really, really scared. I'll let you know how it goes. When I'm home, of course.

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