Stripper Update!

Back at school, yo. I just had an exam in my Spanish class, and if I did the math correctly, I should be getting at least a B in it. I'm crossing my fingers for a curve! You know things are bad when you find yourself doing that.

The weekend was pretty much devoured by my work schedule. I made a coconut cake last night for mom's birthday and watched the Oscars, which was about as entertaining as waiting for frosting to thicken. I also caught a mouse inside of this spoon jar on the counter, and we threw it into the gutter outside after four hours of trying to decide whether we should kill it or not. I don't have the heart to take a creature's life - I suppose I wish I did, because that mother will probably be back with one hundred babies.

Rock of Love Bus was cancelled last night. Boo! I guess Vh1 wasn't confident enough that the assortment of strippers and skanks would hold to the likes of Brad Pitt and Anne Hathaway. I would have chosen the former, but whatever.


MellyG said...

mice are disgusting. real world Brooklyn anybody??

Julian, the Desaparecido said...

LOL Haven't seen the new one with the mice, but I've heard about it. Yuck!

Ready for ILM2 tonight? I AM!

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