Stripper Update

So what's the deal? I've been working out (with weights) for about a month now and I have yet to see real results. I mean, Nati and Jijad came into my work one day and said that it looked like I was bulkier. It was flattering, especially since no one has said anything besides them. Maybe they knew I wanted them to say something like that.

I flexed for Sebastian at work and he just kind of smiled. Sebastian is probably the "buffest guy at the office" so I wanted his opinion. I take his lack of opinion as a "you look the same to me."

Is your body supposed to feel tighter when you exercise, or just your clothes? Because I swear - my t-shirts are gripping my biceps a triceps right now. Ha.

I just downloaded a bunch of music. This includes:

1) TV on the Radio - "Heroes" (David Bowie cover)
2) Scissor Sisters - "Do the Strand" (I'm so happy they have new music out)
3) Franz Ferdinand - "Call Me" (Blondie cover)
4) Passion Pit - "Sleepyhead" (free on iTunes this week)
5) Bret Michaels - "Bittersweet" (sue me!)
6) Late of the Pier's album "Fantasy Black Channel"

So excited to work out now....

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