Thoughts of the Day

I guess its shitty to be nostalgic about certain things that can't be helped - even worst to regret the choices you've made even when, in the moment, you were absolutely certain that they had to be done. The Co-Op at school always reminds me of Rob - as soon as I enter the Student Union, I can smell it, despite it being on a different floor on the other side of the building. I can smell the granola and 409. I can smell Rob, sitting at that table next to the pillar with the socket so we could plug in our computers. Sometimes, he would have food already for me; other times, we would take turns going in and picking out what we wanted.

Those were good days - the early days of our relationship, when I would cut my nutrition class to spend time with him. It reminded me of high school - that adolescent urge to be with the one you love instead of actually thinking about the consequences. I find myself in that situation now, daily - when I think about what we had, and I think about why we broke up, its as though I broke up for myself, without thinking about the cons. And now I miss him. I miss him when I eat yogurt. I miss him when I hear that the Co-Op cashier is blasting Chromeo.

School is almost over. This time last year, Rob was getting ready to graduate. I was getting ready to take him to San Francisco. And although good memories sit with us forever, whether it be in the smell of a building or in the ghost of two coffees, we have to place what is hard to endure with what is sweet to remember, and find peace.

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