Thoughts of the Day

I'm really bothered by the developing story on the plane that went down in Buffalo, New York. On, there was a video of a man talking about his sister being on the plane - all 49 passengers onboard are confirmed to be dead. I couldn't imagine such a tragedy - it's such a stark contrast to what happened last month in the Hudson River in New York City. When you get on an airplane, there is always the fear in the back of your head that you push out as much as possible, but what do you do when the fear becomes a reality? Even worst - what happens when its someone you love on a plane that goes down?

Losing a family member in a plane crash has got to be one of my worst fears. My mother travels a lot, and my sister and I fly to the west coast on a regular basis now that we live in Washington. Its impossible to avoid airplanes altogether for us, and so this desire to shut out the "what ifs" is imperative to making annual travel feel okay. I guess we just cannot take for granted how lucky we are when it comes to those we cherish and can call/e-mail/visit whenever we feel like it.

I couldn't imagine losing my sister. My whole world would fall apart.

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