Thoughts of the Day

I overslept today. When my eyes finally snapped open, it was 9:15. Fifteen minutes into my Spanish class. For a fleeting second, I imagined myself taking the day off - pampering myself, making food, maybe going out for lunch ... then I realized that I had a paper due in Spanish, and that I had a paper due in my class after that. Yuck.

I leapt out of bed and was in my classroom fifteen minutes late. This whole week I've been trying to go to every class (I mean, that should go without saying, being that its only the third week of school.) However, I missed one class and now I feel shit-like. Bah!

We did a peer review in one of my classes and my partner gave me really inane advice that I nodded to and accepted without rebuttle. However, when it came to giving him a critique, he countered everything I had to say, asked for specific examples to what I would talk about, and would give reasons for every little thing I thought could use work. Annoying. I don't want to stick my head up my own ass, but I feel like its a definite sign of maturity. Granted, this kid is probably two years younger than me, and is clearly socially limited, but .... nah. I just need to graduate and get the hell out of here.

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MellyG said...

leave your head up there, you earned it !!